Tuesday, February 23, 2010

3 weeks Post Op...

Dominick is doing great...but he keeps falling on his face...of all the times to fall. He has fallen about 3 times. Poor dude...plastic nose tubes are still in...waiting for them to fall out. We also had a post op follow up and Dr. Hurst says he is right on track! Way to go big boy! Now onto turning 2...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Playing in the Snow! One Week Post Op!

All in all....Dominicks recovery has gone great! The first couple days were difficult, to say the least, he would not eat anything and had a very hard time on the meds...but after day 3...he was back to normal...YAY! I can see a difference in him already...Dr. Hurst is truly amazing and I am happy and very pleased with his work. I don't think we could ever repay him for what he has done for us...A shining star! Thank you sooooo much. You have changed Dominick's life for the better...We are all sooo grateful!
We went up the mountain today to play in the snow. Dominick didn't like it much, but his brother and our dogs had a blast....here are a few pics of his new nose and lip...we are cleaning him about once or twice a day, depending on his mood. He is still very sore and tender..but man, HE looks soooo good...PERFECT!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Lip and Nose Surgery - Jan 28, 2010

Well its here...Dominick is ready and prepped for his 4th surgery. What an amazing baby boy. I know I keep saying it, but we are truly blessed to have him. He always has a smile on his face and thats what keeps me going....I know he is strong and brave and he can get through anything.

He is a daddy's boy right now! So ONLY daddy could help him. We took Mickey with us because he really loves him. The nurses were soooo sweet and having fun and dressed Mickey up to show Dominick that it was ok to get ready...He was having soooo much fun and was such a ham...making everybody laugh...I was sooo proud...After a shot of the goofy gas, he was ready for anything. Although, as I handed him off to the anesthesiologist, he was NOT happy. He slapped him soooo hard in the face...LOL! I know I shouldn't laugh, but it was sooo funny! We did feel bad and apologized...but maybe because he wanted Dr Lucas...(;))

The surgery took about 4 1/2 hrs and it seemed like time was standing still...I was starting to get anxious and his doc, an angel, in my opinion, Dr hurst, came out and sat down and said that everything went smoothly...He told us that he would look different and might be a little upset...We were ready!

We walked in to a crying baby...He was in a lot of pain and a little out of sorts...he hated his IV. He was trying to pull it off and cried on and off for 2 hrs. He started to drink fluids and was keeping them down so they decided to let us go. Luckily, he did not have to stay overnight at the hospital...nights at the hospital are brutal.

Got him home and it was like he knew and was relieved...so he slept the whole afternoon into the night! So happy this part is over....